The beaches with the clearest water in the world: that’s what they are

The summer period has always been a source of inspiration for annual holidays, and most Italians dream of setting off for some of the most pristine white and crystal beaches in the world. The latest data have compiled a detailed classification that includes the entire world territory. Among the beaches with the most famous crystal clear waters in the world is Aitutaki Lagoon, Amuri in the Cook Islands. The archipelago consists of 15 islands located in the southern Pacific Ocean, in Polynesia. 

In second position are the beaches of Greens Pool – Denmark, in Australia . The Australian territory has always offered a naturalistic landscape among the most famous in the world because of its riches and crystal clear waters where you can choose to direct your holidays. Equally famous are the waters of Cayo De Agua, in the National Park of Los Roques, Venezuela, located in the extreme North of South America.

Also the crystal clear waters of Porthcurno – Porthcurno, in England are one of the most sought after destinations. Many English beaches are almost immaculate by the influence of man, a destination for nature and sea lovers among the most demanding. 

In the ranking there is also the beach on the island of Veligandu – Veligandu, in the Maldives , which has always been one of the most chosen areas for tourism. The archipelago of the Indian Ocean where the Maldives are located has always been the most lush place to choose to spend the holidays.

The Saona Island – Parque Nacional del Este, in the Dominican Republic is home to another scenario of pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. By choosing to head for the discovery of Greece you can stay on the beach of Elafonissi, in Crete . Another beach worth mentioning is Clearwater Beach – Florida, in the United States of America , despite the long journey from Italy and the most expensive cost for the flight.

Other goals to consider

In addition to the top ten rankings on the whitest beaches with crystal clear waters of the world there are other places where you can choose to spend your summer holidays. These include: Trunk Bay – St. John, in the US Virgin Islands; Carlisle Bay – Bridgetown, in Barbados; Radhanagar Beach – Havelock Island, India. Choosing Indonesia , instead, is the beach of Kelingking Beach – Desa Bunga Mekar ; Hyams Beach – New South Wales, Australia; Landa Beach – Ayia Napa, in Cyprus.