Perks for Using a Fleet Tracking & Management Software

If you want more than just tracking your fleet, fleet management software is the ultimate solution for your logistics business. It will offer your unparalleled business benefits, disregard the size of your company and the coverage area. With the fleet management software, you will get live GPS tracking, automated maintenance schedules, driving behaviour analysis, fuel usage management, and reporting. The system streamlines operations by automating many manual jobs that usually take a lot of time and resources.

Live GPS tracking

Live GPS tracking gives real-time updates and diagnosis on all vehicles. It allows you to view fleet operations from your office and allows you to take necessary actions when an issue arises. It gives you access to cloud storage so that you can view a lifetime history of the vehicle movement and data. The system helps detect theft and other vices counterproductive to companies and promotes honesty and integrity. Live GPS tracking will let you know when an unnecessary stop happens, and live cameras will let the management see what is happening on the ground. Live cameras will allow the management to offer in-cab coaching whenever the team faces troubles on the way. It automatically uploads incidences when they occur for future references. Live GPS tracking enhances routing and dispatch operations and offers guidance to truck drivers on route optimization.

Automated maintenance

It allows your logistics business to stay on top of the fleet’s maintenance in terms of wheel alignments, oil changes, brake fluid changes, and much more. The integrated fleet management system provides reminders on service schedules to the owners so that the fleet up-time is optimized for efficiency. The system allows the owner to take charge of the fleet serving schedules, manage fleet repairs and maintenance, load balancing, and fleet digital inspection to unearth underlying issues before they occur or early enough to be remedied. Documents and licenses and other record-keeping and reporting are digitized and centralized for easy access. Also, expiration alerts on vital documents that need renewal from driver’s licenses to compliance stickers.

Driving behaviour analysis

The fleet tracking and management system will give insight into driving behaviour analysis so that the owner can monitor driving behaviours through an interactive dashboard taking into account harsh acceleration, cornering events, overspeeding, etc.  It also generates reports for every driver that can be used to educate and advise drivers on the best road practices. You will never go wrong if the driver behaviour analysis gives a red signal to dismiss the driver and hire another. It will be safe for your business to make judgments and decisions on costly driver human behavioural errors. It will also form a basis for driver dismissal that will serve you to industrial courts whenever disputes arise.

Fuel usage management

Fuel cost forms a significant part of any logistics company. Using fleet tracking and management software makes it easy for the owners to monitor fleets, identify better routes, identify fuel card misuse, and other drivers’ poor behaviours. The software allows the owners to estimate overall fuel consumption and encourage drivers to take specific fuel saving routes instead of others. In other words, you will know when dishonest ensues among your truck drivers and co-drivers who might collaborate with gas station operators to perform fraud to your business.

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