How to Prepare Your Roof for Replacement

Replacing your roof benefits you and your house in the long-term, protecting your house and adding to its value. Therefore, you must choose a responsible roofing company which takes care of all the work from prepping your old roof, all the way to, cleaning up the site after the work is completed. That said, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure everything goes even smoother. Little things like cutting your grass, making use of step ladders perth taking your kids to the relatives’ hours and taking your mirrors down can make a huge difference.
Below you can find a list of some things you can do to prepare for roof replacement in your house.

Clear out vehicles from the garage and the driveway

Before the team arrives, you need to park your cars at a safe distance from your house, probably on the street. If you wait till they get here, you might find it trapped. The roofers will need to use your driveway throughout the day, using your garbage bin and putting their equipment in the vicinity for easy access. You might think that parking it in the garage might be better, but garage roofs aren’t usually insulated well enough therefore you risk shingles and nails dropping on your car.

Access to the roof

Depending on your house, you need to provide apt roof access systems to be able to effectively and efficiently complete their job. Cleaning off the old roof and installing a new one is a mighty big project. You need to enable them to effectively and efficiently complete it.

Clear out patio furniture

The team will need to have access all-around your house to be able to get to the different sides of the roof. You need to clear out any furniture on the patio and bring in all the toys, after all, you don’t want them tripping over furniture and getting injured on your property. Furthermore, you don’t want the falling debris to damage your furniture and outdoor toys.

Clear out any valuables from your attic

Do you store any family heirlooms or other valuables in the attic? If you do, consider moving them to a safer location until the roof replacement process has been completed. If those items are too bulky and heavy for you to move, you can cover them up with plastic sheets or drop cloths to protect them from shingle debris and dust.
Experienced professionals work as carefully as they can to minimize debris and dust accumulation, but there is no getting around the fact that it is a very messy job. You shouldn’t expect a clean job, it’s better if you prepare for it beforehand and take precautions to avoid any damage to any and all of your valuable items.