Essential 4×4 accessories that you should never lack

Did you know that with your 4×4, you can go to any place for adventure?  The 4×4 can act as your vehicle as well as your home when you are on any adventure. However, to make your 4×4 convenient, you must make sure that you have all the 4×4 accessories required to make your 4×4 complete. Most people forget to purchase some of these 4×4 accessories, but they are essential, and you should never forget to pack them as you leave for your trip or camp. The following are some of the 4×4 accessories that are underrated by most people but turn out to be very important.


One of the essential 4×4 accessories is the bull bar. A bull bar protects the front of your 4×4  from any damage when a collision occurs. In most cases, when you are driving in the forests, you are likely to collide with animals, and this can destroy the front of your 4×4. This is why you must always carry your bull bar with you.  Even if trees and logs fall on your 4×4, the bull bar prevents any damages from occurring.


At times you will be unfortunate since you will find yourself stuck in the mud. Some of these things make your adventures very enjoyable since you get to do something that you have never done. However, you must have the right tools to work. A winch is one of the tools that will save when you are stuck in sticky mud or sand. It helps you pull yourself out of the places where you are stuck. The winch is always fitted on the bulbar and hence these two work hand in hand.


The fact that the 4×4 can travel to any place, including places with a lot of water means that it’s susceptible to damages caused by water.  When water gets into your engine, when traversing rivers, beaches or creeks, there can be considerable damage. A snorkel is essential in such cases since it replaces the standard of the air intake, raising it to prevent water from entering and damaging your engine.

Lift kit and suspension

To improve the safety and handling of a 4×4 when it has a heavy load, you must have a suspension.  The suspensions are meant to handle the standard weight that your 4×4 can carry.  The suspension is even more critical when you have your 4×4, fully loaded with all your gears and accessories for camping.

The lift kit, on the other hand, increases the ground clearance. It gives your 4×4 an extra height that is important when you are travelling on tough terrain, rocks or sand dunes. The lift kit is also required when you want to fit wheels and tires on your 4×4.


 No one will want to drink very hot water or drinks on a very sunny day. This is why you will need a refrigerator. Your fridge will always ensure that you enjoy your drinks.

Driving lights

Driving lights and especially auxiliary driving lights provide more light when you are travelling in remote areas, especially at night. The 4×4 lights are not enough to provide adequate light, and this is why you will need these driving lights. They are mainly for safety purposes.


At times you will have punctures on your tires. If you do not have extra tires, you will be stuck wherever you are, even if you are in places where you cannot access a mechanic. This is why tires are essential.

Roof rack

At times when you are travelling as a group, you will want to carry so many things. You must require extra space. This is why a roof rack is essential in this situation.