Car service Brendale

Prevention is the watchword with regards to your car as it’s 100 times better to prevent than repair your car when it breaks down. Adhering to basic servicing needs is much cheaper than a large scale repair caused by neglect.

However, lots of people do not heed to the advice for regular car servicing and maintenance.

They believe there is no problem with their car since it’s running. Some give the excuse of no time or lack of knowledge about cars. All these affect your cars gradually till it finally stops working, most especially at a crucial period when you need it most.

For instance, prolonged driving on the same spark plugs without changing the oils, also neglecting the clunking sound and squealing brakes can spell doom for your car.

Not to mention that police can fine you for failing roadworthy checks when they notice bald tyres, bad wheel alignment, and other issues.

Driving is much safer with your car in perfect condition. It can also save you lots of money in the long-term as the saying goes “a stitch in time saves nine.”

What does car service include?

There is not a one size fit all for car repair as it depends on the type of car, how bad it looks, and deals offered by your servicing garage.

Every car comes with its servicing schedule, which usually comes with the manual pack. This schedule needs to be followed to keep your car in excellent performance and makes it last as long as possible.

The most widely quoted car services are the interim and full service. Check your schedule to know which servicing is required for your car.

We need to mention that changing oils and oil filters is also regarded as a form of service. It is the cheapest you can do, and it requires a minimal level of expertise. You can check-in with any car service in Brendale for a basic oil and oil filter service. However, note that no thorough checks will be done on your car while they will only do a visual safety inspection.

You may also find some service garages advertising major services which include a full service and changing of fuel filters, spark plugs, fuel filters and other kinds of stuff listed in your vehicle servicing schedule.

These services are extensive and come at a premium cost, so you need to find out the chargeable extras before parking your car at the service garage. You could scout car service in Brendale to get the best quote for your vehicle.

An interim service

This is the most basic service which entails oil and oil filter change as well as additional safety checks and lubrication on some moving parts. Checks are made around the brakes, horn, tyres, lights, fluid levels, exhaust. Also, a thorough search is made to check for fluid leaks in the car.

A full service

This entails all tests covered in the interim service along with an additional 29 points of interest. Usually, it brakes checks, brake fluid top-ups and antifreeze, engine inspection, shock absorber, wheel bearings and replacing of pollen filters. The inspection of an air conditioning system is usually done

Usually, full service includes all aspects except the ones that require replacement as stated in your car servicing schedule like the fuel filters, spark plugs etc. Extra costs are charged for replacing these parts as agreed by the garage.